samsung galaxy s7

Samsung has released the new smartphones: The Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. Although both devices look very similar to the S6 on the outside, the real difference is inside. They have very interesting improvements: waterproof technology, microSD card slot to store photos, movies and games, and a better camera.

 Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge design


The South Korean company bet for the same design of the Galaxy S6 for the new smartphones because it is a safe gamble. Samsung knows that the aluminum and glass design accomplishes the expectations clients have of high-end smartphone.

The round edges of the rear of the phone have been slightly modify which makes it feel completely different, very comfortable to the touch.

The SuperAMOLED technology of the screen stays the same as in the S6 has, as well as the resolution: 1440×2560 px. The density of the screen changes, it reaches the 577 ppp.

Moreover, the S7 and the S7 Edge bring the mode Always-On. This maintains the screen always on and the notifications and basic information barely uses battery power.

 Waterproof technology


The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are both water resistant (30 minutes, 1 meter depth) and dust resistant (IP68 certification). To achieve this, the manufacturer has included a sealing rubber which covers the headphone and charger ports. Also, the microphone and the speaker have the Goretex membrane.

The Camera has 12MP but better quality

Image: Samsung

Samsung has understood that not because a camera has more megapixels it makes it better, this is why their new models have a 12 MP camera. However, the autofocus has been hugely improved by adding Samsung’s new Dual Pixel sensor technology which emulates the human vision to get a faster focus and clearer pics even with a shaky hand. The company has increased the pixel size by 56%, this means photos will have twice the luminosity compared with the S6 camera, and as a result, the best smartphone photos.

The selfies will also be benefited because it has a better brightness for low-light environments, although the front camera retains the 5 megapixel.

 Longer battery life and returns the microSD slot


As was pointed leaks, the microSD slot is back in this model and allow you to add up to 200GB of additional storage. In the case of the battery, Samsung has increased its autonomy reaching 3000mAh in Galaxy S7 and 3600mAh in Galaxy S7 Edge.

Galaxy S7 specifications


Display: 5.1” Quad HD Super AMOLED
Processor: Snapdragon 820/Exynos Octa-Core
Memory RAM: 4GB
Battery: 3,000mAh
Rear camera: Dual Pixel 12 MP
Front camera: : 5 MP
Storage: 32/64GB
OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Galaxy S7 Edge specifications


Display: 5.5” Quad HD Super AMOLED
Processor: Snapdragon 820/Exynos Octa-Core
Memory RAM: 4GB
Battery: 3,600mAh
Rear camera: Dual Pixel 12 MP
Front camera: 5 MP
Storage: 32/64GB
OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow

No USB-Type C connector and game mode

Samsung decided not to include the USB-Type C and leave the micro USB port that has existed in all models, the company argues that there is still no basis in the market to enter the new port on their smartphones.

On the other hand, the game mode is a new feature that allows uninterrupted play on the phone. It also optimizes performance without penalizing the autonomy and even the user can lower the number of FPS that will not overheat the phone too. Some interesting features with this mode enabled, are the ability to take screenshots, record video of the game and activate the front camera to make our own gameplays.

Price and Availability


Samsung’s new phones will be available on March 11 and both devices can be preordered starting February 23. But if you do it before March 18, you will receive a pair of Samsung Gear VR with six games.

The price of the Galaxy S7 is going to be USD$ 649-699 and Galaxy S7 edge will be USD $ 749-799.